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The Granado Espada Elementalist- Skirt Progress Update

I mentioned in an earlier post that I decided to make the Granado Espada Elementalist dress. Here’s a picture of the costume to remind everyone what I’m talking about…


I knew this costume would be difficult to make, but I desperately need a vacation from making Doctor Who costumes and this was the perfect project for me. Also, although I knew this dress would required a lot of fabric and the money to buy said fabric, I decided not to attend any more conventions until January 2015. That is subject to change, but that is the main idea. Since I had money to use for things other than conventions, I decided to spend the money on the fabric for this costume. It also helped that when I began to gather the fabric Joann’s had a $2.99 satin sale. I bought a lot of satin and chiffon, which was also on sale, to use for the costume. I think I still need more, but eh. It’s a start! Continue reading

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