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Abstract Stars Skirt

It seems like it’s been a while since I talked about something I sewed. I have been sewing, but when it comes to making posts about my sewing, my mind was elsewhere. This past week was hard on me sewing-wise and I felt overwhelmed with projects. So, I picked up all my fabric, went through them, and decided which projects would get top priority. After deciding which projects are my priority, I put away the rest of the fabric so I wouldn’t have to see them.

One of the projects I gave top priority to is making a skirt out of some fabric with my Abstract Stars artwork as the fabric design. I ordered the fabric off Spoonflower with the intention of making a skirt to sell in my Etsy store. After sitting in my fabric stash for months, I decided to make a simple skirt out of it…


I did put it up for sale on Etsy (Link here) but I’d like to make more skirts out of this fabric. I love stars (My nickname, Essie, means ‘Star’) so I think I’ll need to eventually order some more fabric and make a skirt for myself. I have other ideas for skirt to make out of the other abstract fabric designs I created, but I’d need to order more fabric first.

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